SAFE Events

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Past SAFE Events


  • Food Allergy Bootcamp with Dr. Michael Pistiner, March 2022
    Director of Food Allergy Advocacy, Education and Prevention for the MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Food Allergy Center


  • Food Allergy Trivia Week, February 2022 (thanks to a 2021 community outreach award from FARE)



  • Food Allergy Trivia Week Contest (thanks to a 2020 community outreach award from FARE)

  • Halloween Costume Contest (thanks to a 2020 community outreach award from FARE)

  • SAFE Kids' Hangout, January 2020

  • Guest Speakers:

    • Dr. Margaret Vallen, "Oral Immunotherapy (OIT), What Parents Need to Understand"

    • Amy Thieringer, "Allergy Release Technique (A.R.T.): An Integrative Approach to Food Allergies and Immune Disorders"

    • Gail McNiece, "The College Search with Food Allergies...The Devil and The Details"


  • Food Allergy Awareness Event at First Parish (thanks to a Community Outreach Award from FARE)

  • Food For Thought: Allergy Innovation Edition

  • Sip & Share


  • Mindfulness Session for Caregivers

  • Kids' Q & A with local teens

  • Parents' Night Out

  • SAFE Team for Boston FARE Walk

  • Halloween South Shore Quest


  • Playground Playdate

  • Beach Playdate

  • Parents' Night Out